License scheme

ISRS is supplied to organizations under license.*

The benefits of having an ISRS license are:

  • Access to ISRS 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th editions
  • Unlimited access to the ISRS Summit assessment software available in eleven languages**
  • Access to the ISRS Book of Knowledge software, a repository of good practice for safety and sustainability management
  • Ability to purchase ISRS workbooks and accident investigation tools
  • Invitation and reduced fee to attend the annual ISRS conference and meet other users in the global ISRS community.


Number of employees in organization Annual fee
Up to 200 employees £1,440
Up to 500 employees £2,875
Up to 1000 employees £4,300
Up to 2000 employees £5,700
Up to 3000 employees £7,100
Up to 4000 employees £8,800
Up to 5000 employees £10,400
Up to 6000 employees £12,100
Up to 7000 employees £13,200
Up to 8000 employees £14,800
Up to 9000 employees £16,200
Up to 10000 employees £17,600
More than 10000 employees To be negotiated

* Subject to Terms and Conditions of the ISRS license agreement.

** Unlimited access to ISRS Summit up to the number of employees within the bands shown. Pricing applies to use of standard ISRS Summit software hosted on the DNV data centre. Any deviations from the standard require individual pricing.


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