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The future of gas in the energy mix

ONS, Stavanger, Norway: Fugitive methane emissions and a real commitment to downstream Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) are two issues the natural gas industry must address if it is to enjoy long-term public and policy support. It could be the ideal partner in a sustainable future energy mix, where the flexibility of gas complements the variability of renewables to ensure steady energy supply, taking coal out of the picture.

Alex Moltzau, Communciation Manager at Oslo-based Young Sustainable Impact questions DNV GL Group President & CEO Remi Eriksen at ONS 2016.

DNV GL Group President & CEO Remi Eriksen called on industry leaders at ONS to join forces on CCS for gas, saying the North Sea could be Europe’s CO2 energy storage hub with the potential to create a new billion dollar industry.

Watch Remi Eriksen's ONS presentation on the role of gas in the future energy mix by clicking on the image above, and view his post-speech interview with ONS TV here.