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SPE awards DNV GL for its contribution to asset integrity

DNV GL has been recognised by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) as the organisation that has contributed most to asset integrity in the Middle East at the 2014 SPE Asset Integrity Workshop entitled “Changing the Culture, Raising the Bar” held on 13-14 May in Abu Dhabi.

Moss Daemi, DNV GL’s Divisional Director for Middle East, North Africa and India

"It is a great honor and a privilege to have been given this SPE award for the best ‘Company Contribution to Asset Integrity in the Middle East’. Asset integrity is in the DNA of DNV GL, and this award is proof of our Middle East team’s dedication to integrity excellence” said Moss Daemi, DNV GL’s Divisional Director for Middle East, North Africa and India.

With the objective of “raising the bar” in asset integrity management in the Middle East, the SPE Steering Committee has set up the awards to recognise companies and individuals who have achieved an outstanding level of asset integrity performance. The winners were assessed by a panel comprising all ADNOC Group companies and prominent organisations in the region including Saudi Aramco, Kuwait Oil Company, PDO and Dubai Petroleum.

“DNV GL was chosen by the Steering Committee based on its exemplary work in the Middle East in the area of asset integrity management. DNV GL has distinguished itself through its high standards and uncompromising attention to quality,” said Akram Elbadiich of National Drilling Company in the citation of the award to DNV GL.

Managing the integrity of assets over the next decade will be a very challenging task. The issue of aging assets will be an even bigger challenge than today, and in the Middle East region mature assets are now more than 40 years in operation. Future projects and new operating stations will also have bigger risk exposure due to higher H2S levels, higher CO2 levels, higher pressures and higher temperatures. As the easy oil reserves have been substantially depleted, the oil and gas industry has to manage a broader range of risks and challenges in extracting oil.
DNV GL recognises the Asset Integrity risks faced by the oil and gas industry today, but as a forward looking organisation we also recognise some of the challenges of the coming decades and address these through innovation projects.

In the Middle East, two upcoming Joint Industry Projects run out of Abu Dhabi will address:

  • Decision support framework on assessment of corrosion and aging well’s integrity
  • Development of guidelines for management of sour fields – scope extension to include asset integrity and corrosion management.