Registration now open for class 2017/2018 of the Postgraduate Diploma in Executive Maritime Management from WMU and DNV GL

Postgraduate Diploma in Executive Maritime Management

The Postgraduate Diploma in Executive Maritime Management offered by the World Maritime University (WMU) and DNV GL’s Maritime Academy goes into its third year and registration for the class 2017/2018 is now open. The programme is designed by maritime professionals for maritime professionals and keeps maritime executives ahead of a rapidly changing complex set of technological, regulatory, financial and environmental factors to deliver optimal performance to their businesses.

Managers in today’s extremely competitive maritime industry need the skills to effectively anticipate and manage developments in the fast-paced maritime industry. The ability to address developments proactively requires up-to-date skills and comprehensive knowledge to retain a competitive edge.
With this Postgraduate Diploma WMU and DNV GL’s Maritime Academy aim at providing a holistic executive education for maritime managers and have therefore condensed the major areas of interest coming from the administration, technical, operational and commercial sides of the maritime industry into this programme. The programme offers academic and research expertise combined with best practice in the industry.
The overall feedback from the graduates from class 2015/2016 is very positive – we can share here two of the many comments: “the knowledge I have gained out of this course can be applied in my daily work” to “This Diploma opens my eyes to all maritime aspects with a large horizon: the past, the present and the future”.
Maritime professionals who wish to enhance their experience and expertise in an exclusively highly qualified environment should hold at least five years of of work experience either in the administration, regulatory, technical, commercial and scientific sides of maritime operations; and a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline or a Master Mariner/Chief Engineer qualification.

The programme

The diploma will consist of five core modules covering topics from environmental issues, to safety and quality, including human resources and leadership matters, as well as financial considerations and technical updates:

  • 1) Setting the Scene: Contemporary Global Maritime Regulatory and Management Issues in the Shipping Sector
  • 2) Mastering Complexity: Effective Management of Safety, Security and Risk
  • 3) Managing Resources: Human Resource Management, Organisational Processes and Leadership in a Maritime Context
  • 4) Remaining Competitive in a Changing Market: Strategic Financial Tools
  • 5) Staying Ahead of the Curve: Maritime Environmental Technology, Sustainability and Challenges

The easiest is the ice free condition where no certificate is required for anybody.

Flexible delivery

Flexibility in the way you study is vital and therefore we invite you to choose the mode of delivery according to your individual convenience:

  • Distance learning mode – you prefer flexibility in your time planning and flexibility in the location
  • Classroom learning mode – you prefer live discussions with people around and experts close to you

Classroom-based learning will take place in DNV GL’s Maritime Academy Singapore. Distance learning will be via the latest e-education systems and can be completed from any location worldwide.


Registration is open and courses will begin in September 2017: