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Ready for the future? Join us at our Innovation Day

DNV GL is celebrating both its 150th anniversary as well as the first anniversary since forming the world’s leading certification body in June. To mark this occasion, DNV GL is inviting those interested in future-shaping issues to its Innovation Day, taking place on 25 June 2014 at DNV GL’s Hamburg headquarters.

What will the world look like in 2050? Which developments and challenges for society, the economy and environment are looming across the globe and how will they impact the maritime industry? And how can the industry set a course for the future that is more sustainable, safer and stronger?

As part of a range of comprehensive studies conducted over a period of two years, 200 experts from DNV GL investigated and gathered answers to these questions from around the globe. Now, the results are presents for the first time in Germany. Join the Innovation Day to hear and discuss the following topics:

  • The Future Of Shipping: In anticipation of intense public scrutiny, tightening restrictions and huge efficiency gains, we have analysed six technology pathways that can contribute to making the shipping industry safer, smarter and greener.

  • Adaption To A Changing Climate: In light of greenhouse gases and their impact on climate change, we have been developing tools to help both businesses and communities adapt to this new risk reality.

  • A Safe And Sustainable Future: Changing course to a safer and more sustainable future will depend on our ability to work together, to act quickly and to harvest opportunities both today and tomorrow.

  • Arctic Shipping: While centuries of experience have resulted in a good understanding of the risks involved in shipping around the world, knowledge of Arctic shipping is limited.

  • Electrifying The Future: Exploring, developing and enabling sustainable power generation through a balanced mix of renewable energy sources will help increase efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions across all industries.

  • The Cost And Compliance Challenge: What are the upcoming regulations with the most potential impact on the maritime industry and how can compliance be achieved in the most cost efficient manner?

With our Innovation Day, we set out to engage in a long-term dialogue with business and society stakeholders of our respective industries. The event’s focus is therefore to create a kick-off by presenting present vital issues and trends of these maritime industries from the perspective of an independent technical advisor.

For more information and your registration please visit our Innovation Day website.

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