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On the way to establish a Maritime Battery Forum, initially out of Norway

DNV GL is now running a pilot project that prepares the ground for the establishment of a Maritime Battery Forum which will work to ensure that Norway is a world leader in maritime battery-based value creation.

Remi Eriksen, DNV GL Group Executive Vice President and COO

The forum is to be a tool to effectively realise the government's ambition of green growth within the maritime sector and the vision of Norway as a world-leading nautical nation and attractive maritime host country. The industry is to deliver the most environmentally friendly, innovative and competitive solutions for the future. El-ships and hybrid vessels can become a pillar of Norwegian environmental policy, similar to electric vehicles, and also provide important industrial policy results.

Electric ships and hybrid ships with energy storage in large batteries can provide significant reductions in fuel costs, maintenance and emissions, as well as enhanced responsiveness and thereby improved regularity and safety in critical situations. The importance of cleaner energy in shipping makes the use of batteries increasingly vital. In the future, most ships will probably be hybrid or plug-in hybrid.

A meeting was held at DNV GL’s head office at Høvik on 4 March in order to discover who intends to become a member of the Maritime Battery Forum. More than 80 managers from charterers, owners, yards and vendors as well as representatives of Norwegian authorities had enthusiastic and fruitful discussions. The meeting was chaired by Remi Eriksen, DNV GL Group Executive Vice President and COO.