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Offshore classification publications - October 2014


As part of our periodical review of our Offshore Classification Rules and Standards, we have just released updated standards.

Main highlights of these updates are:

  • Further refined alternative survey requirements for drilling equipment in operation; further improving our service and reducing the interference of the inspection to a minimum
  • Updated requirements for self-elevating units, specifically wrt structure and jacking systems, aligned with market expectations
A complete overview of the changes is given in the table below and the linked presentation. The last includes also persons to contact should any question remain.
Description of change
Rules for Classification of drilling and support units
Alternative survey arrangements for drilling equipment Ch.3 Sec.7
Rules for Classification of FPSO/FSU
Updated survey requirement for FPSO mooring chain insepction for tropical waters
Rules for Classification of Self-Elevating units
Updates in line with OS-C104/-C201 and D101
Structural design of Offshore Ships
Structural Design of Offshore Ships - Minor technical and editorial updates
Structural Design of Self-Elevating units (LRFD resp. WSD method)
Update requirements for rectangular spudcans, simplified for ocean transit and bottom impact and clarified structural categories
Fabrication and Testing of Offshore Structures
Updated wrt terminology and exempted from hearing due to quality case in first quarter 2014
OS-D101Marine and machinery equipmenRevised rles for jacking systems and minor general updates