New Synergi Pipeline delivers on risk results

Turning risk into actions just got easier with the new release of DNV GL's Synergi Pipeline software.

Synergi Pipeline: DRAM Mains risk summary

Pipeline integrity software

Pipeline integrity managers striving to maintain security of supply, safe operations and asset reliability must continually rely on data from many different sources to fully understand potential threats to the network. Data quality and transparency across organizations are constant concerns. Determining risks and mitigating actions can be like finding and removing a needle in a haystack. Integrity managers need a system that integrates data in real time to proactively turn risk into actions.

The 7.1 release of Synergi Pipeline software from DNV GL is based on a completely new performance-based architecture, where risk and integrity analytic calculation times are reduced by up to 60%. Results are displayed in built-in dashboards with visual cues highlighting abnormal conditions, data quality issues, and more. Users can quickly identify threats and easily drill down to determine root causes. The interface is rich in capability while providing a new level of usability.

“The new architecture forms the foundation for our digital asset ecosystem for pipelines,” says DNV GL - Software CEO Are Føllesdal Tjønn. “This translates into better decisions regarding operational excellence and cost optimization.”

Single source for pipeline integrity data

Synergi Pipeline is a risk and integrity management platform that enables users to work proactively and smarter on the safe and efficient operation of distribution and pipeline systems. The analytical framework of the pipeline integrity management system provides the ability to maintain risk and integrity models according to changing regulations and best practice standards, including ASME, DNV, BS and more. Users can plan, execute, trace and evaluate activities during all stages of the integrity management process in support of the PDCA cycle (plan, do, check, act). Integrity managers get a clear quantitative or relative digital view of integrity across their distribution networks or pipeline systems.

“We are providing technology that leverages great volumes of data to drive smarter decisions,” says Synergi Pipeline Product Manager Brad Eichelberger at DNV GL. “It’s no longer acceptable to keep risk behind the integrity walls. Transparency across the organization brings new awareness to maintaining a safety oriented culture,” he says.

The web-based architecture of Synergi Pipeline enables corporate access via web browsers, providing ease of access to a single source for all integrity data available across the organization at any time, from anywhere. The architecture aligns with the Esri server-based technology and is compatible with the new UPDM data model, in addition to other industry standard data models. For customers focused on reducing IT costs, Synergi Pipeline provides a cloud-enabled architecture via Microsoft Azure.

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