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New IMO-Vega WEB and WIN versions

An updated version of the IMO-Vega Database has now been released and is available for purchase. This version has been extended with the release of IMDG Code 2014 (37-14). Further the IGC Code is presented in consolidated versions both for the existing version and the forthcoming version applicable from 2016.

The database contains IMO documents including resolutions from the Assembly 28th session, MEPC committee 66th session and MSC committee 93rd session - and circulars and interpretations up until and including October 2014.

All updated documents are included and consolidated into existing instruments, when relevant (see also new documents in this version on front page). Additionally many of the IMO Instruments have been supplied with internal Contents when the instruments are presented as multiple documents, for easier navigation.

Further the STCW Convention and Code are presented in both the consolidated versions and the previous editions by amendments.

The MLC 2006 from ILO has been amended, the footnotes in all chapters in SOLAS have been updated, and the Advanced Search has been extended with search feasibility on cargo.

Forthcoming requirements to the mandatory conventions and codes are highlighted in green. Ref. Table of Contents > IMO requirements by enter into force date.

The IMO-Vega database

IMO-Vega is a database of the regulation text of the SOLAS, MARPOL, Load Line conventions and other conventions, and codes such as ISM, ISPS, 2000 HSC Code, IBC Code, and much more. For more details go to Appendix D in the Help menu (User Manual).

The WEB and WIN (downloadable or the traditional CD) versions are also available to external customers on IMO’s web site, then go to Publications, Purchase IMO publications / webshop and finally DOWNLOADS, CDs AND DVDs or INTERNET SUBSCRIPTION. Or the customer may buy it at some IMO local distributor, which may be found on Distributors Details. They may also contact IMO publishing.