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Modular electrification of mesogrids in Myanmar

DNV GL's David Fullbrook has presented this story during the Majesties King Harald V and Queen Sonja’s state visit to Myanmar.

Their Majesties King Harald V and Queen Sonja’s of Norway paid a state visit to Myanmar from 1-3 December 2014, heading a business delegation from Norway. DNV GL actively participated in organizing events Myanmar where Dr Per Christer Lund chaired the session “Powering the Myanmar countryside – mesogrids and standalone solutions” and David Fullbrook presented the topic “A new paradigm for power: why base-up modular sustainable electricity systems mean business”. Both colleagues are based at the Clean Technology Center of DNV GL in Singapore.

A new paradigm for power
Why base-up modular sustainable electricity systems mean business, is based on the Renewable Energy Mesogrid Accelerator (REMOGRID) joint industry project (JIP), launched by DNV GL.

The REMOGRID JIP will use modular technologies, such as solar PV and energy storage to build the first mesogrid from several microgrids. The project aims to electrify 500-2000 households in at least three communities in Myanmar. It will operate as a living laboratory to test and validate simple and smart systems for scalable replication worldwide.

Besides the benefits of affordable and sustainable electrification in an modular and scalable structure, the project also looks at the social-economic benefits, like:

  • Reduce dependency on fossil fuel
  • Increase resilience against wide area energy blackouts and shortages
  • Provide flexible payment and investment structures

“Having the King and Queen of Norway as your audience, creates the ultimate opportunity to showcase the company’s capabilities on a high-influential level”, Per Christer comments, adding: “Although managed from Singapore and will be implemented in Myanmar, this project has strong connection to Norwegian companies and thus highly relevant for the business delegation led by the Royals”.

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