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Mapei AS first to be certified to new ISO 2015 standards in Norway

DNV GL is the first certification body in Norway to issue certificates according to the new ISO standards. As the first company in Norway, Mapei AS has been certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. The certificates were issued on 13 November 2015.

Trond Hagerud, CEO of Mapei AS.
Jøran Laukholm, Head of Management System Certification in DNV GL – Business Assurance Norway.

When up for re-certification to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, Mapei, one of the largest vendors of products for the Nordic construction industry, assessed the new 2015 standards.

“Our conclusion was that we were already to a large extent working according to the new standards, and we considered the changes in the standards to be relevant and good improvements for us,” says Trond Hagerud, CEO of Mapei AS.  The new ISO standards were published in September 2015. The increased focus on sustainability is in line with the demands that today’s society puts on organizations. The new High Level Structure has a greater focus on efficient process management and the need for change management and sets higher sustainability requirements.

Head of Management System Certification in DNV GL – Business Assurance Norway, Jøran Laukholm, explains that the new ISO standards contain a number of improvements: “Among them is a greater focus on a risk-based approach, and that the new ISO standards are designed to be easier to combine.”

Clear guidelines

Mapei AS agrees that the changes in the standards are an advantage.

“Terms such as risk and possibility help us to take a more holistic and long-term approach,” says Hagerud. He thinks that today’s standards have clearer guidelines, making it easier to map stakeholders’ needs and expectations.

"My colleagues and I are proud to be the first in Norway to be certified to ISO 2015. I have to admit that we made an extra effort for this re-certification,” says Hagerud.

"DNV GL congratulates Mapei AS on obtaining these certificates. We hope this will inspire other players in the Norwegian market to start the transition to the new ISO standards,” adds Laukholm.

About Mapei AS

Mapei AS is one of the largest manufacturers of products for the Nordic construction industry. The company is growing steadily and invests heavily in research and production facilities and personnel.

Mapei AS is part of the Italian Mapei Group, an internationally leading company with total annual revenue of EUR 2.3 billion.

To ensure good management systems and continual improvement, Mapei has emphasized obtaining certification relating to the environment, quality and customer service.