Machinery list with convenient display options

The manager and vessel class history impact how class-related machinery items are displayed in My DNV GL. Independent of how items are grouped, the same survey scope applies. This news aims to explain the different set-up options of the machinery list and why similar vessels may appear with different views.

Itemized vs System-based machinery item list

DNV GL-classed vessels have a machinery item list visible in the My DNV GL vessel information which is individually tuned for each vessel. It covers items as required in the DNV GL Ship Rules, Part 7, Chapter 1, Section 4, Table 26 and can be shown in one of two ways:

  • All vessels operating with the survey arrangement Machinery Continuous and many vessels on Renewal and Machinery PMS have an itemized machinery list. An example of an itemized list for fresh-water-related class components:
    Fresh water cooler (For Air Compressor)SFWCCOO
    Fresh water cooler (Jacket Cooling)SFWCCOO
    Fresh water cooler 1 (Aux Diesel Cooling)SFWCCOO
    Fresh water cooler 2 (Aux Diesel Cooling)SFWCCOO
    Fresch water pipingSFWCPIP
    Fresh water pumping unit 1 (Jacket Cooling)SFWCPUI
    Fresh water pumping unit 2 (Jacket Cooling)SFWCPUI

  • Vessels which, due to the class history, do not have a machinery list and are operating on the survey arrangement Machinery Renewal or Machinery Planned Maintenance System (M-PMS) now have a system-based machinery list. In the system-based list, all class-related components within one type of system, for example fresh water system, are grouped into one system item:
    Fresh water systemSFWCYS

The survey requirement for the machinery item listed in the system covers all class-related components applicable for this system, without the need for a vessel-specific breakdown of each component, e.g. as illustrated above. If a vessel with a system-based list wants to change to an itemized list, this is possible on a voluntary basis if the vessel is running on the survey arrangement Renewal or M-PMS.

However, if a vessel with a system-based list wants to change to the survey arrangement Machinery Continuous, the vessel must change to an itemized list. A vessel with an itemized list cannot change to a system-based list.

Customer choice – optional view of main diesel engine items

Normally, the main diesel engine is broken down into several machinery items, e.g. cylinder, bearings.

Managers carrying out overhauls of main engines in one go, common for diesel engines in a diesel electric arrangement, and wish to have the engines surveyed and credited as one unit, have the option to switch to an engine unit view. The main engine will then be displayed with only one machinery item instead of some 30 to 40 items.

This unit presentation is called non-split, in contrast to a detailed split view. It offers a much shorter and easier-to-understand machinery item list.

The items for engine testing, survey of turbo chargers and generator are kept as separate items and are thus not included in the engine unit list.

A change to the non-split view can be provided on request. Simply contact your KAM or go to DATE.


If you are experiencing different set-ups of the machinery item list for your vessels, please note that the machinery item list may differ depending on:

  • different designs of the vessels, which triggers different components for class follow-up in the machinery list, and
  • what type of view is selected for the machinery list.


DNV GL Ship rules Pt.7 Ch.1 Sec.4 Table 26.


  • Contact your Key Account Manager or use our DATE service via My DNV GL.