Join the free of charge Maritime Academy Smart-Up on 17 August: Port State Control - Preparing for the Concentrated Inspection Campaigns (CIC) 2017

Port State Control Concentrated Inspection Campaigns (CIC) will start on 1st September 2017. Find out more about the next CIC and how you can prepare for them by joining our free of charge online “Smart-Up” on 17 August 2017.

Paris MoU, Tokyo MoU, Black Sea MoU, Indian Ocean MoU and Vina del Mar will carry out the Concentrated Inspection Campaign on Safety of Navigation including Electronic Chart Display Information Systems (ECDIS).
The Caribbean MOU has chosen the topic of Life Saving Appliances for their Concentrated Inspection Campaign.
The CIC will start as usual on 1st September 2017 and continue for the following three months until end of November 2017.
The general PSC inspection of Safety of Navigation as part of Safety Equipment Certificate will be amended by the detailed CIC checklist and additional guidance of Port State Control Officers (PSCO) on the focus points of this campaign. Checklists are normally available 4-6 weeks before the start of the campaign.
The goal of the CIC is to check the conformity of safety regulations for ships, the overall status of the vessel’s navigation safety, and the competency of crew involved in navigation operations.

The overall feedback from the graduates from class 2015/2016 is very positive – we can share here two of the many comments: “the knowledge I have gained out of this course can be applied in my daily work” to “This Diploma opens my eyes to all maritime aspects with a large horizon: the past, the present and the future”.
Maritime professionals who wish to enhance their experience and expertise in an exclusively highly qualified environment should hold at least five years of of work experience either in the administration, regulatory, technical, commercial and scientific sides of maritime operations; and a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline or a Master Mariner/Chief Engineer qualification.

Classroom-based learning will take place in DNV GL’s Maritime Academy Singapore. Distance learning will be via the latest e-education systems and can be completed from any location worldwide.

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DNV GL’s experts will present the CIC during the Smart-Up. If you attend the “live” session you will have the chance to ask your own specific questions about these topics. This Smart Up on 17th August will have two sessions at 10.00 CET and 16.00 CET as we anticipate a lot of interest in these items. All those who register will be given access to Maritime Academy’s e-learning platform where a recording of the Smart-Up can be watched again whenever needed. Additional supporting documents are also saved here, including a summary of all the questions posed by the attendees, with written answers from the presenters.

How can I attend a Smart-Up in future?

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