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GreenPowerMonitor to monitor Zonda I, YPF Luz's first solar farm in San Juan, Argentina

The first stage of the project reaches 100 MW of installed capacity, enough to power over 88,000 households

Barcelona, 22 September 2023 – The electricity generator YPF Luz has proudly announced the inauguration of Zonda I, the first solar farm in the San Juan town of Bella Vista, Argentina – a project made possible through a partnership with GreenPowerMonitor (GPM), a DNV Company.

As part of its decarbonization efforts, YPF Luz has entrusted GPM to monitor and control its inaugural solar asset in Argentina. GPM uses its GPM SCADA (also supplied to 360Energía), and GPM Power Plant Controller (supplied to Huawei), control systems that allow real and reactive power management for solar plants, in compliance with the country's grid code requirements. Notably, the PPC has been customized to incorporate its own LIGHT SCADA. Additionally, GPM has implemented cybersecurity instruments tailored for this project.

GPM started working in Argentina in 2015 and has since emerged as the leading monitoring solutions provider in the region. With an installed capacity of over 20 GW in solar and wind energy across Iberia-Latin America, GPM's extensive experience and expertise, acquired through several projects with the main players in the country, has paved the way for this collaboration with YPF Luz, which marks another significant stride towards supporting Argentina's energy transition.

The initial phrase of the project boasts an installed capacity of 100 MW, equivalent to the energy consumption of more than 88,000 homes. This achievement will result in a reduction of over 110,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually. Spanning an area of 200 hectares, Zonda I solar farm has a capacity factor of 36% and required the installation of 170,880 bifacial panels. It will provide renewable, efficient, and sustainable energy to large users and industrial customers in the Renewable Energy Term Market (MATER).

Juan Carlos Arévalo, CEO at GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV company and Executive Vice President for Energy Systems at DNV

“Excitingly, Zonda holds the potential for two additional expansion stages of 100 MW each. Upon completion, the park's output will reach an impressive 300 MW, equivalent to the energy consumption of 140,000 households. With a solar farm expected to save an impressive 360,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, the project will expand San Juan's renewable generation capacity by 25%”, explained Juan Carlos Arévalo, CEO at GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV company and Executive Vice President for Energy Systems at DNV.

YPF Luz's CEO, Martín Mandarano, said: "Today marks a historic milestone as Zonda Solar Park becomes a reality, our inaugural venture in one of the world's sunniest regions. This bolsters our asset portfolio diversification across six provinces, driving national development and enhancing quality of life. Gratitude to GreenPowerMonitor for enabling this remarkable achievement".

Argentina, with its vast potential for photovoltaic plants, recognizes the importance of implementing a robust monitoring system to safeguard investments. Thanks to GPM's state-of-the-art tools, YPF Luz will be able to closely monitor the performance of its assets, ensuring optimal efficiency and maximum returns.

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