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First photovoltaic power plants certification service specification

DNV GL’s new service specification for photovoltaic power plants contains procedural requirements for obtaining and retaining certificates and other statements of compliance related to project certification according to IEC and DNV GL standards.

This applies to project certification and related verification tasks during planning, design, manufacturing, transport and installation, commissioning and operation of photovoltaic (PV) power plants. 

Why is project certification of PV power plants (DNVGL-SE-0078) relevant to the industry and market?

  • Project certification of PV power plants across all phases of the lifecycle is unique in the market and can be used worldwide
  • The new DNV GL system allows certification of pre- and post-construction projects
  • We have integrated most recent technical knowhow and field experience into the service specification
  • We have addressed requirements for planning, components and construction of PV power plants
  • Implemented scope considering performance ratio at site specific conditions and design
  • Considering of latest developments in the market

The added value of project certification:

  1. Certified quality
    Issued by an accredited certification body, the certificate gives all parties involved the confidence that a PV power plant project has been assessed against industry best practice standards, state-of-the-art and that the documentation is accurate.
  2. Risk reduction
    A complete lifecycle approach to projects can be applied to reduce the total risk and avoid costly and technically challenging field modifications during the project’s in-service phase. This contributes to the reduction in costs over the life-time and technical bankability of the project.
  3. From beginning or afterwards
    The unique DNV GL system allows certification of pre- and post-construction projects.
  4. Ticket to trade
    The project certificate is a “ticket to trade” when financing or selling the project.