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Fast track to better fleet performance management

After launching its new performance management portal ECO Insight, DNV GL has set up a new business unit, to ensure that customers can benefit from this technology as soon as possible. This fleet performance management unit is part of DNV GL’s Maritime Advisory division and will be a point of call for customers, who are interested in using ECO Insight to manage their fleet.

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The team will manage the go-to-market processes for ECO Insight, including product management and development, set up delivery processes and support sales efforts. ECO Insight is an interactive, web-based portal that offers a big-data approach to monitoring a fleet’s performance and can be customized to cater customer’s individual needs. To streamline this information, you need to identify which data collection tools are already available on a vessel. “We will work closely with our customers, to address these issues and make sure they get the best possible service out of ECO Insight. Using their feedback we will also add more features to the ECO Insight portal over time”, says Torsten Büssow, who will be heading the new Fleet Performance Management Unit at DNV GL Maritime.

About ECO Insight

DNV GL launched ECO Insight at the SMM in Hamburg. The performance management portal packages engineering know-how, customer vessel data and industry data into a portal to deliver insights on its fleet performance. Some of ECO Insight’s current features include monitoring services for voyage, hull & propeller as well as engine & systems performance. It also enriches customer’s fleet reports with industry data, such as AIS-Data (Automatic Identification System), weather reports, or fuel consumption – therefore providing unique data-driven benchmarking capabilities.

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