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DNV GL opens new South China office in Guangzhou

DNV GL, the world’s leading ship classification society and one of the world’s leading risk and sustainability service providers, opened a new South China office in Guangzhou Friday 25th April, to support business growth in the area.

DNV GL Vice President and Regional Manager for Greater China Torgeir Sterri (Left) and CSSC Huangpu Wenchong’s Deputy General Manager Wang Yi (Right) signed the 150th newbuilding vessel.
Banner_DNV GL opens new South China office in Guangzhou
DNV GL Vice President and Regional Manager for Greater China Torgeir Sterri (Left) and Area Manager for South China Gu Xiaoli (Right) shaking hands after the opening of the new office.

Located in downtown Guangzhou, the new, expanded DNV GL office services as a centre for the company’s operations in South China. Headed by Area Manager Gu Xiaoli, DNV GL South China covers the provinces of Guangdong, Fujian, Guangxi and Hainan.

“South China is one of the three national shipbuilding bases laid out by the Chinese government. The launch of DNV GL’s expanded new office shows our stronger commitment to the market after the merger of DNV and GL,” says DNV GL’s Vice President and Regional Manager for Greater China Torgeir Sterri.

“DNV GL’s strengthened expertise and competence in all ship types and offshore units and continuous strong focus on research, technology and innovation put us in a better position to further support the transformation and upgrading of South China’s shipbuilding industry. Together with our customers, we will contribute to a safer, smarter and greener future,” adds Mr Sterri.

150th vessel agreement signed
DNV GL and CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Company Limited have also signed a class agreement for a 150th vessel. “This is a great achievement. We’re proud and grateful for the trust and good cooperation built and maintained with GSSC Huangpu Wenchong,”says Area Manager Gu Xiaoli.
The cooperation started in 1996 in relation to the construction of the first 1200 TEU container ship at the shipyard. Today, feeder container series have been one of the knockout products for CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipyard.

Including CSSC Huangpu Wenchong, DNV GL has established a good relationship with the main shipyards in South China. Over the years, DNV GL has been part of the process together with its Chinese partners, of building up the reputation of South China shipbuilding’s competence in excellent products such as feeder container series, MR tankers, OSVs and Car Carriers.

Looking ahead, Mr Sterri says, “2014 marks Year One of DNV GL as a merged company and 150th anniversary of our proud heritage. Combined with our expertise and competence developed over 150 years, DNV GL safeguards its leading technology edge by continuously investing in research and innovation. We expect to further deepen and expand the cooperation in new areas such as LNG carriers, Arctic shipping, offshore units, etc.”

DNV GL in South China
DNV GL’s China roots started in South China. Back in 1888, DNV GL appointed its first surveyor in Xiamen (called Amoy at that time), in Fujian Province, providing services to the merchant ships trading between China and Europe. In 1995, DNV GL established a representative office in Guangzhou. Today, centred in Guangzhou and with 70 maritime professional staff, DNV GL Area South China provides ship classification services for over 100 newbuilding projects in eight shipyards, ship survey services for 600 vessels in operation and component and material certification services to more than 120 manufacturers.