DNV builds up high-voltage grid expertise with acquisition of Power System Dynamics

The acquisition expands DNV’s grid analysis and flexible AC transmission optimisation offer, strengthening its services to power grid operators with a focus on fast changing power markets.

DNV announced today that it has acquired Power System Dynamics (PSD Consulting Engineering Pty. Ltd.), a grid consulting firm providing worldwide specialised services for high-voltage power systems from South Africa, recognized as a world-leading expert in grid dynamic behaviour modelling. 

This acquisition, which follows collaboration on anterior projects, will be essential to DNV’s service offerings in the area of power system planning and flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS), supplementing its offers to the global power market with PSD’s international project references, global customer portfolio and world recognition on FACTS advisory services.  

The acquisition of PSD is very timely as DNV’s recently published Energy Transition Outlook report states that with an 83% share of the electricity system in 2050, renewables are squeezing the fossil share of the overall energy mix to just below the 50% mark in 2050. More grid connections will be needed as the global grid-connected electricity demand will grow by 2.7%/yr from 2020 to 2050. Also, world transmission lines will increase from just over 6 million circuit-kilometres in 2020 to almost 18.5 million by 2050. The fastest progress will occur in regions with relatively weaker infrastructure: the Indian Subcontinent, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Southeast Asia. 

Though essential, the increasing share of sustainable power in the energy mix comes with challenges for transmission and distribution operators, due to the intermittence of the power flows generated from renewable sources. FACTS regulate alternating current transmission parameters, thus enhancing power flows controllability and increasing transfer capability across AC/DC grids. This central role in ensuring voltage stability makes FACTS critical for the move towards the full integration of renewable power sources. 

PSD’s main areas of expertise are power system analysis and design studies & investigations; the firm specializes in studies for generation integration, energisation, substations, lines, static volt-ampere reactive compensators (SVCs), reactive power compensation systems, and general power equipment. Its knowhow has been carried out at all project stages, including techno-economic feasibility studies, conceptual studies, power system studies, engineering studies, preparation of technical specifications, procurement support, bid evaluation, witnessing of factory tests and of site acceptance and commissioning tests.

Ditlev Engel, CEO Energy Systems at DNV
Santiago Blanco, Executive Vice President and Regional Director, Southern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America Energy Systems at DNV

“We are proudly looking forward to welcoming Power System Dynamics (PSD) into DNV, strengthening our team in South Africa and adding unique global expertise for our power grid customers. With the rise of renewables, demand for advisory services from customers on their energy transition journey continues to accelerate, and we are constantly expanding our capabilities to support this emerging need. The addition of PSD’s Power Grids FACTS services, essential to renewables integration, is testament to our continuous effort to support our transmission and distribution customers.” declared Ditlev Engel, CEO Energy Systems at DNV.  

“PSD has been active globally, with a particular focus supporting projects in the Middle East and Africa, and is already collaborating with us and many of our customers. We are looking forward to welcoming their team into our family, said Santiago Blanco, Executive Vice President and Regional Director, Southern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America Energy Systems at DNV. This synergy is expected to lead to significant growth in our grid modelling services in the region. PSD’s location in Johannesburg, South Africa, strategically reinforces our service offer in this very dynamic and fast-growing market.” added Blanco.  

“In the course of PSD’s twenty-one years, we have grown into a world-leading technical advisory business, seeing global projects through, together with our clients and partners. We are confident that this merger will leverage our collective strengths and grow existing market positions, paving the way for success, the trademark of both companies” explained Septimus Boshoff, Managing Director at PSD.

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