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A sustainability dive into the future of the ocean and the industries that rely on it

Arctic shipping

How do we manage ocean industries and future opportunities in the Arctic as part of a sustainable future? This and several other pressing questions are part of the report DNV GL has been commissioned to produce for the Center for the Ocean and the Arctic.

Arctic and ocean centre group photo
Arctic and ocean centre group members.
Mapping ocean goverance regulation report_cover
Report cover

The newly established Center for the Ocean and the Arctic is based deep within the Arctic circle in one of Norway’s northernmost cities, Tromsø. Their task is to coordinate efforts to chart a course for sustainable use of the ocean and the Arctic. Their mandate also includes working towards the UN’s sustainable development goal #14 on conservation and sustainable use of the oceans. The sustainable development goals are both ambitious and overarching in their targets. The challenge in achieving them is translating the goals into specific targets at a local level. 

DNV GL has been entrusted with producing the two first reports; status of a sustainable blue economy in the Norwegian Arctic, and a foresight study analysing the challenges and opportunities associated with developing a sustainable blue economy in the Norwegian Arctic. The reports, due for completion early next year, aim to strengthen knowledge and empower decision-makers as they translate the global sustainable development goals into action.

The ocean has a capacity for significant economic growth, but this must be balanced with regards to threats to ocean health such as overuse, pollution, loss of biodiversity and climate change.

“Sustainable management of the ocean and value creation linked to it is at the core of DNV GLs business”, says Bente Pretlove (Program Director, Ocean Space). DNV GL has therefore defined Ocean Space as a key area for further research. A team of experts work to assess how technology, innovation and digitalization can help sustainable growth of the ocean economy. The team has also been entrusted with mapping ocean governance and regulation for the UN Global Compact Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Business. “In this project, we bring together expertise from Research as well as all of the DNV GL Business Areas”. 

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