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[Archived] January 2014 legacy DNV Rules for Ships and High Speed Light Crafts

Following the merger of legacy societies DNV and GL, the new society DNV GL will publish two parallel sets of rules until a common rule set is in place. These sets of rules will be named legacy rules.

The 2014 January edition of legacy DNV rules for Ships and High Speed Light Crafts is now available.

New and amended rules were formally approved on November 21st and are included in the 2014 January edition of the rules.

Below is given a general overview of the changes. For more detailed information, please view the link and/or contact your local DNV GL office.


  1. Significant changes:
    • Environmental Class (Pt. 6 Ch. 12 3)
    • Nautical Safety (Pt. 6 Ch. 8 & Ch. 20)
    • Comfort Class (Pt. 6 Ch. 33 – moved from Pt. 5 Ch. 12)
  2.  Amendments:
    • Materials and Welding (Pt. 2 Ch. 1 / Ch. 2 Ch. 3)
    • Application of extremely thick plates (Pt. 2 Ch. 3 - moved from Pt. 5 Ch. 2 Sec. 6)
    • Carriage of Dangerous Goods (Pt. 5 Ch. 11 Sec. 2)
    • Gas Fuelled Ship Installations (Pt. 6 Ch. 13)
    • Recycling (Pt. 6 Ch. 27)
    • BMON notation (Pt. 6 Ch. 34 – moved from Pt. 7 Ch. 1)
    • Generator Protection Relays (Pt. 7 Ch. 1)
    • Ships in Operation Survey Requirements (Pt. 7 Ch. 1)


  1. Significant changes:
    • Crew Boats – restructured and Life Saving Appliances included (Pt. 5 Ch. 4)

A few comments:

  • Concerning class notation Environmental Class (Pt. 6 Ch. 12) – the CLEAN notation has been revised to better be aligned with present statutory requirements. The amended rules clarify what other class notations (class requirements) are mandatory as basis for the issuance of CLEAN & CLEAN DESIGN. Finally, a class notation displaying compliance with requirements of Marpol Annex Reg. 13 is introduced; TIER III
  • For class notations on Nautical Safety (Pt. 6 Ch. 8 and 20) the rules are updated to reflect new international standards for bridge alert management systems and updated international standards for integrated navigation systems. The rules are now in line with MSC.302(87) – Performance Standards for Bridge Alert Management and MSC.252(83) – Revised performance standards for Integrated Navigation Systems.
  • Related to class notation Comfort Class (Pt. 6 Ch. 33) new requirements have been introduced to align the rules with IMO MSC 337(91)”Code on noise levels onboard ships”. Further, the rules are aligned to accommodate new vibration metric as specified in ISO 6954:2000.
  • The class notation BMON (Pt. 6 Ch. 34) introduces new requirements for handling of boiler water quality in the new building yard.
  • Related to amendments to the Ship in Operation Survey Requirements, the Machinery Survey Arrangement has been upgraded, now putting more emphasis on operators’ routines and processes; i.e. a more audit like evaluation of operators’ maintenance routines and systems.
  • The notation for crew boats (HSLC Pt. 5 Ch.4) has presently no requirements for life-saving arrangement for crafts below 500 gross tonnage or craft carrying less than 150 workers. The revised rules are introducing minimum requirements for Life Saving Appliances for the crew notation being in line with industry practice.
Additionally to the above referred rule changes/amendments, some clarifications and editorial changes are included in this edition of the rules.