LNG as marine fuel

How you can benefit from DNV

DNV has supported the development of LNG as fuel since the infancy of the use of LNG as marine fuel, and the first issue of the DNV rules for gas-fueled ships was launched in 2001. 

Below follows a brief overview of services and support offered by DNV:

LNG class notations

Fuel Ready LNG class notation

The Fuel Ready LNG Ready class notation provides decision support to ship owners, designers and yards for making your vessel future proof and ready for future fuel and environmental performance-goals. Read more here. The LNG Ready class notation supports you to select the best solution according to operational, environmental, and financial requirements by comparing fuel switch, exhaust gas cleaning technologies and LNG as an alternative fuel. 

Gas Fuelled LNG class notation

DNV’s rules for gas fueled ships provide criteria for the safe and environmentally friendly arrangement and installation of machinery for propulsion and auxiliary purposes using gas as fuel. 


FuelBoss is a fully digital and collaborative tool for LNG fuel suppliers and ship owners. It allows to plan, execute, and communicate about LNG bunkering operations.

Advisory services on LNG as marine fuel

LNG as fuel is only one of various options on the decarbonization journey for maritime shipping. Our Advisory experts can advise you in choosing the best solution for your vessel’s operational needs, just to name one example. On how DNV can support on LNG and decarbonization.

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