Gas Ready notation

We give you a useful framework for preparing your newbuilding to be ready for future LNG-fuel conversion and operation.

With the IGF code, sulphur limits and more, LNG as ship fuel is spreading rapidly through the maritime world. To be more flexible and competitive, you need to ensure your newbuilding is ready for future LNG conversions.

Based on the experience we have gained from our LNG Ready service, as well as the 50 LNG-fuelled vessels we already have in class with our Gas Fuelled notation, we have developed the new Gas Ready notation.

This new notation enables you to ensure that a future LNG-fuelled version of your vessel complies with the relevant safety and operational requirements. It also helps you specify and quantify the level of investment you are making at the newbuilding stage.

The basic notation – with nominators D and MEc – GAS READY (D, MEc) – verifies that the vessel is in compliance with the relevant rules in terms of its overall design for future LNG fuel operations, and that the main engine can be converted or operate on gas fuel.

You can also choose to add extra optional levels to the newbuilding under the notation – putting the vessel further along the LNG track and thereby speeding and simplifying a later conversion.

Choose DNV to be your trusted partner for Gas Ready operations:

  • More than 150 years of expertise in the maritime industry
  • Comprehensive research and development within LNG as ship fuel
  • 15 years of experience with LNG as fuel, with first rules for gas fuelled ships in 2001
  • Well-proven tools that ensure efficient work and reliable output

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