Alternative Fuels Insight (AFI)

The Alternative Fuels Insight platform provides the maritime industry with an open platform for evaluating the uptake of alternative fuels and technologies.

By providing freely accessible tools for visualizing and analysing comprehensive and high-quality data, supplemented by an extensive collection of technical resources, AFI helps stakeholders in the maritime industry monitor the global uptake of alternative fuels and assess the best options for their own vessels.

The decision of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to ambitiously halve greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050 means that the world’s future fleet will have to rely on a broader range of fuels and adopt novel propulsion solutions and energy efficiency measures. 

All alternative fuel options are accompanied by benefits and challenges. Prerequisites for introducing a new fuel include the availability of sufficient production and distribution facilities as well as an adequate bunkering infrastructure. In addition, new fuels in many cases require extensive on-board modifications, which lead to increased complexity and cost. 

DNV developed the AFI platform to support the maritime industry’s transition to a cleaner, greener future. It provides a complete overview of developments regarding alternative fuels and technologies, covering both investments on ships, in bunkering infrastructure and fuel production facilities.  

A core aim is to improve clarity for a range of stakeholders, allowing them to make informed decisions. It will assist shipowners in selecting a fuel for the vessels they order today and in coming years, and fuel suppliers weighing up investments in new bunkering infrastructure. Maritime authorities will benefit from increased transparency, while equipment suppliers can gather intelligence for product development strategies. 

Because the alternative fuel landscape is continually evolving, AFI is not a static platform. To encourage industry collaboration, and to ensure the information presented on AFI is up to the minute, users can submit updates on the status of existing bunkering and fuel production projects for alternative fuels or share details of new ones.

What’s new?

  • Technical benchmarking on alternative fuels like ammonia, hydrogen, methanol, LNG and LPG
  • Additional filtering features on ship size, type and contractual dates
  • Detailed statistics covering fuel production facilities for bio-based fuels, e-fuels and blue fuels as well as CCS
  • New filters and insights added, such as shipyard, AIS data and tank capacities
  • Brand new map view

Freely accessible, high-quality data

  • Shore power and bunkering infrastructure for ammonia, hydrogen methanol and LNG
  • Vessel uptake of ammonia, hydrogen, methanol, LNG, LPG, batteries, fuel cell and scrubbers
  • Fuel production facilities for ammonia, biofuel and methanol
  • Fuel price development, with weekly updates
  • Flexible visualizations based on quality-assured data
  • Technical insights for making informed decisions
  • A high-level overview of alternative fuel project feasibility, and a financial benchmarking for fuel prices comparing various regions

AFI_new release_sep2023_map

Accelerating market uptake  

  • Free access to reliable, up-to-date data on the uptake of alternative fuels and technologies, and fuel prices
  • Improved information base for making better decisions and developing an adoption roadmap


AFI Community  

We call for collaboration through the AFI Community – after all, collaboration is the fuel of the future. AFI has been made possible through data support and/or co-funding from our partners. We also encourage users and partners to share relevant data through the Data Feedback feature, which is quality-assured by DNV experts before being published on the AFI platform. Universities and companies supporting the development of AFI with data will be given time-limited AFI Premium features. AFI Community partners are encouraged to share relevant information about projects and initiatives that could help give insights into and speed up the energy transition.

Premium access

With Premium access, you have access to additional map views and technical benchmarking on alternative fuels, covering the uptake of ammonia, hydrogen, LNG, LPG and methanol, compared to conventional fuel. With interactive Premium features, users can make their own benchmark and statistic reports for ships and fuel production facilities, filtering by ship size, ship status, contract dates and other technical specifications in order to tailor the information to the user’s needs. The graphs and visuals are, unlike for free users, interactive, enabling efficient searching and filtering on a range of parameters to show a specific subset of data. Background data from our statistics can, thanks to Premium access, be exported through Excel files directly to the AFI users.

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