Energy efficiency

Gain an advantage by applying design and operational energy saving measures

Pushed by new regulations and a highly competitive market environment, where cost efficiency is key, the shipping industry is constantly looking for new ways to reduce energy consumption. The range of activities is broad, from changes in operational profiles, “Eco” designs and retrofit up to improved operations applying the latest technologies. The challenge is to identify the measure that best fits each business model.

Energy efficiency

We guide through the numerous options

DNV has helped the industry to save fuel, cut down emissions and cost for many years. Already in 2007, we have forecasted that slow steaming would be an effective measure. In 2008, we started to convince the market that only an independent 3rd party can ensure owners get the best design for their vessel. In 2009, we have invented the first trim advice and optimisation solution. DNV helps to guide ship owners and operators through the vast number of options to get the best vessel at newbuilding stage or for existing fleet in operations.

Performance management in shipping - Transparency is key

To make informed decisions on which improvement measures to select, there is a need to know how current vessel performance is and why similar vessels perform differently. Only then can targeted and effective saving measures can be implemented. This is typically referred to as “Performance Management” and is the subject currently highest on our clients´agenda (see the Energy Management Study 2015).

Fleet performance management map

Leveraging the potential of big data

Accurate maritime data can have a profound impact on the way ship operators and owners monitor the safety, sustainability and performance of their vessels. However, obtaining and extracting the maximum potential from this vast amount of data can be a big challenge. Comprehensive access to big data sources offers the opportunity to collect, analyse and interpret essential data – unlocking its potential to benefit your business.


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