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ADVANCE from raw data to sustainable operations

Emissions performance is a crucial business factor

In today’s shipping industry shipowners and managers must comply with ever-tightening regulations and ever-rising expectations from stakeholders, customers and partners.

There is a need to manage and operationally control the performance of the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII). coupled with the precise accounting of carbon emissions for the settlement of the EU allowances (EUAs) and, last but not least, the need to manage the effects of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) in the maritime supply chain. And once the FuelEU Maritime Regulation comes into force in January 2025, emissions data that can be trusted by a wide range of stakeholders will become even more important.

To give you the ability to seamlessly manage these and upcoming regulations, we developed Emissions Connect, a unique digital solution that allows you to

  • consistently manage emissions data,
  • easily integrate partners and
  • quickly generate required statements.

Handle EU ETS and gain operational CII control

Driven by a multitude of factors emissions performance is taking a place within the commercial terms between shipowners, operators, and technical managers thereby affecting the entire maritime value chain.

Emissions Connect by DNV fuels the industry’s collaboration by equipping the maritime value chain with capabilities to verify and share data – providing the trusted basis needed to facilitate settlement of EUAs and manage CII performance.

Settlement of EU Allowances with Emissions Connect

Settlement of EU Allowances with Emissions Connect

As a result, a trusted source of verified emissions data is fundamental to facilitate the many business transactions. 

Discover the advantages of Emissions Connect: Key features and benefits

  • High-quality emissions data: Daily verified Operational Vessel Data (OVD) with an automated feedback loop for easy resolution of data-quality issues.
  • Real-time verified data sets: Non-aggregated, real-time data ready for analysis, export, and stakeholder sharing.
  • Verified voyage statements: Enhanced monitoring at fleet, ship, and voyage levels for reliable emissions accounting and EUA settlement.
  • Emissions performance simulation: Plan and project the impact of voyage planning on future Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) scores, benchmarking alternative scenarios.
  • Full control and collaboration: Manage and share emissions data across your value chain on a solid data platform serving as a single source of truth.
  • Integrated operational data: Connects data across fleets, systems, and partners using the OVD standard and digital verification schemes.
  • Comprehensive operational representation: Represents entire operations, not just single vessels.
  • Data access and management: Access and manage data sets, monitor and simulate performance, and control partner access to data and insights.
  • Integrated third-party verified data: Enhances accuracy and management of core business processes.
  • Future-ready: Produces high-quality baseline emissions data prepared for future regulations such as FuelEU Maritime, with ongoing updates and new modules.

We help strengthen your connectivity

We understand that acquiring and integrating data can be challenging for you. That's why we are partnering with industry leaders to provide you with standardized API connections. These APIs allow you to seamlessly share data in the OVD format directly from your current fleet performance management system to the Data Workbench and Emissions Connect. Discover more about our Veracity Partner Network.

  Explore the Emissions Connect modules and pricing

Explore the Emissions Connect modules and pricing

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  Article: Driving efficiency and trust: DNV’s Emissions Connect in the new EU ETS landscape

Article: Driving efficiency and trust: DNV’s Emissions Connect in the new EU ETS landscape

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