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EEXI Factual Statement

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For ships already reaching GHG goals, the attained EEXI value is certified and an EEXI Factual Statement is issued.

The new IEE Certificate will not be issued before 2023, after the coming into force of the EEXI requirements. For vessels that already comply with these requirements today, we offer a Factual Statement as an additional service. This statement is a valuable document to persuade charterers or customers of the forward-looking energy efficiency design of the individual ship.

For some ship segments, e.g. bulk carriers, the GHG rating based on Existing Vessel Design Index (EVDI)  values gains significant attention in the market. There might be differences in the values of the EEXI and the EVDI of the same vessel, although the calculation of both indices is based on the same formula. The difference is usually mainly due to a different consideration of the installed engine power limitation. In the EVDI calculation, the engine power limitation is widely ignored, whereas the engine power limitation is fully considered in the EEXI calculation.

The EEXI Factual Statement proves that the respective ship complies with upcoming regulatory requirements on energy efficiency and, at the same time, that the ship is ahead of the existing fleet, as improvement measures still need to be installed on most ships for them to comply with EEXI requirements. The EEXI Factual Statement is a voluntary document. It does not replace statutory certification by the classification society.

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