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Discover our safe, economic and smart solution for the recurring procedure of fuel changeover from HFO to MGO.

Fuel change over calculator

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The IMO’s sulphur regulation entered into force on 01.01.2015 – and requires a sulphur content of less than 0.1% for emissions to air. The best way for ship owners to meet this is to change over from HFO to MGO. 

With the DNV GL Fuel Change Over Calculator, you have access to an essential tool for switching from heavy fuel oil (HFO) to ultra-low sulphur fuel oil, which is typically marine gas oil (MGO), during operations. 

On the one hand, the changeover has to take place in the shortest possible time, such as just on arrival at the ECA boarder when the sulphur content has to be 0.1%. On the other hand, the changeover has to be carried out in a safe and reliable way. Common sense under engine manufacturers is a maximum temperature change during changeover of 2°C per minute.

Our service for fuel changeover calculations: the Fuel Change Over Calculator (FCO Calculator). It plots a complex numerical simulation of the fuel changeover process, promising a very accurate calculation and additional cost savings in comparison to a linear model.

The DNV GL FCO Calculator takes into account:

  • Specific fuel system layout
  • Constraints on temperature
  • Continuously variable sulphur content of fuels
  • Continuously variable fuel oil consumption
  • Return flow from service system to service tank
  • Price of respective fuels

Use the DNV GL FCO Calculator for changing to ultra-low sulphur fuel oil today:

  • Intuitive interface with a clear overview and structure
  • Optimized lead time for the changeover process
  • Indication if the temperature limit is exceeded 
  • Maximum allowed hourly consumption to meet constraints
  • Amount of MGO used for the changeover process 
  • Costs of the changeover process 
  • Suitable technical documentatio

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