Energy Efficiency Design Index advisory service

Our EEDI advisory service can assist you in the calculation and optimization of the EEDI for energy-efficient ship designs.

The required EEDI is set for different ship segments, where the limits for efficient ship design in terms of CO2 emitted, or transport work, are being continuously tightened. Navigating relevant measures can be demanding.

DNV – Maritime Advisory can assist ship owners, designers and yards in the calculation and improvement of vessels’ EEDI within the concept development or newbuilding construction phase, and even after major conversions.

Stating your ship’s transport efficiency

Our experts maintain a holistic approach, advising you on relevant measures as well as ensuring a safe and operational design.

Safety implications of EEDI have been a risk of underpowered ships, since the easiest means of compliance is to reduce installed power. This has been met by a regulation ensuring minimum available propulsion power.

Performance improvement and use of of energy-efficient technologies or alternative fuels can also be central in meeting stricter regulations.

We support you in meeting both EEDI and other relevant regulations by reviewing alterntative technical solutions.

Benefit from DNV ’s know-how in EEDI calculation:

  • Third-party opinion and review of calculations
  • Correct EEDI Technical File
  • Minimum propulsion calculation
  • Selection of energy-efficient design
  • Independent comparison of concepts or designs in EEDI values

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