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Liquid modelling software for complex liquid networks

Liquid modelling needs vary significantly, and one of the largest determining factors is the type of fluid being pumped. Powered by a robust hydraulic engine, Synergi Liquid software is a versatile offline tool that provides a modelling environment for comprehensive analyses of large and small liquid networks for water utilities, midstream oil companies and consulting engineering firms. Synergi Liquid’s unparalleled ability to define various liquids and their processes make it flexible and versatile. At the same time, this comprehensive and detailed liquid network analysis software is intuitive, customizable and easy to configure and maintain.

Synergi Liquid for water utilities

In addition to the numerous and complicated physical equipment, drinking water distribution systems also require complex analyses. Potable water modellers need to define multiple substances, the various ways they grow or decay and how they mix, especially over time. If there’s an upset in the system, they need to know where the turbidity will occur. To mitigate turbidity, water operators need to find the best flushing sequence plans for their systems. The operation of pumps is costly, which makes optimization crucial. Synergi Liquid has all these features and so much more, including importing and exporting EPANET files.

Synergi Liquid for midstream companies

Midstream engineers and operators have their own unique challenges. They need a robust way to model complex well production, for example. Getting the drag reduction agent (DRA) just right can be an enormous cost saver. Specialized equipment, such as pipe heat exchangers and pressure breaker valves, need to be part of the model due to their hydraulic impact. Optimizing pump cost and best efficiency point (BEP), in addition to visualizing pump performance, are critical tasks. Synergi Liquid software helps midstream companies with these needs and does much, much more.

Synergi Liquid for heating/cooling district systems 

Heating/cooling district systems have all the same pressure and flow accuracy requirements of water distribution, plus robust heat exchange and temperature calculations. After all, that is the purpose of the system: to exchange the energy of the system fluid with the service environment. 

To model these systems accurately, engineers need a robust solution that accounts for the unique mechanisms of a district heating/cooling system, such as Synergi Liquid. Synergi Liquid packs powerful algorithms and functions to bring these capabilities into the hands of the modellers.

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