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Versatile modelling environment

Fast, accurate liquid network analyses

Flexible software licensing options

Liquid modeling software so powerful that it is used for water, oil, and more!

Synergi Liquid is the ideal liquid modelling software, whether it be water distribution, district heating/cooling systems, shale oil production, or petroleum transmission. Synergi Liquid is designed to be flexible yet robust and ready to answer complex questions during pipe network analysis, performing all the critical tasks needed to operate liquid networks and fluid systems. Synergi Liquid empowers you with relevant insights, so you can be confident in your ability to predict how your entire network will behave under various operating conditions. Native scripting combined with Python scripting extends the functionality in virtually unlimited ways.

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  • Supports operational and management goals, including energy usage, design cost, flushing sequence planning, and resource management 
  • Integral to network planning, from designing liquid networks to planning capacity, calculating inventory, flow through and emergency planning 
  • Powerful algorithms for tank mixing, substance propagation, chlorine decay, and turbidity calculations Optimizes pump energy consumption and saves on costs using hydrostatic pressure planning 
  • Substance propagation, growth, and decay can be modeled simply for quick results or in high detail, for the most accurate results possible 
  • Flexible features that support asset planning, asset lifecycle management and asset life extension helping you keep up with your System Planning needs 
  • Robust import and export of EPANET INP files allow for easy model migration
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  • Time-varying calculations enable the accurate design and build-out of gathering systems to adequately and economically meet needs 
  • Critical calculations, such as drag reduction agent (DRA) and heat exchange/thermal modeling to empower decision making 
  • Optimizes pump energy consumption and best efficiency point calculations to lower costs and equipment wear and tear 
  • Powerful algorithms and calculations that support asset planning, asset lifecycle management and asset life extension helping you keep up with your System Planning needs 
  • Flexible methods for modeling of production wells 
  • Import and export of Synergi Pipeline Simulator (SPS) INPREP files extend access to transient analysis, online real-time modeling, Operator Qualifier trainer application, and more
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  • Accurate heat exchanger simulations powered by the logarithmic mean temperature difference (LMTD) method 
  • Modelling of valves, regulators, and pipes augmented with Joule-Thomson cooling calculations 
  • Frictional heating adjustment available across all pipes 
  • Temperature-dependent fluid density adjustments  
  • Temperature rise calculations across pumps, including fluid density calculations 

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