Unlock efficiency in pipeline integrity management 

Synergi Pipeline is a versatile data management, integrity, and risk analysis platform fostering unparalleled transparency and collaboration. Empowering risk and integrity engineers to effortlessly streamline tasks, ensure compliance, and make informed decisions, Synergi Pipeline promotes safe, cost-efficient operations, simplified maintenance, and extension of asset life. It delivers a comprehensive overview of the integrity of onshore/offshore pipeline systems and distribution networks.

  • Comprehensive, feature-rich platform to meet all integrity planning, assessment, and management needs
  • Better audit support with document management that facilitates linking documents to assets, activities, and analysis results
  • Integrated activity management workflows through activity scheduling, long-term planning, and supporting users with a workflow-driven structure
  • Broad selection of open analytic and defect assessment models to cater to a wide array of integrity needs
  • Powered by cutting-edge analytics for data-driven decisions and trend forecasting
  • Web-based software tools easily accessible across multiple teams with role-based access control

Supporting the complete Integrity Management Lifecycle 

Synergi Pipeline supports pipeline integrity and risk management in all phases of the lifecycle, from assessing the pipeline’s risk to managing and analyzing inspection data to planning mitigation actions. Synergi Pipeline offers a complete PDCA cycle (plan, do, check, act) and data management platform supporting API RP 1173 for effective pipeline integrity management. 

A bird’s eye view of your asset integrity  

Be in total control of the integrity of your pipelines, equipped to efficiently and proactively manage tasks. Identify and assess potential risks to the pipeline's integrity, taking into account factors like corrosion, material defects, and external threats.

  • Integrated platform for integrity data and risk assessments
  • Easy to use Integrity planning tools for operational and long-term planning
  • Flexible and interactive integrity assessment dashboards
  • System-wide Anomaly Management with a powerful Priority Board and Anomaly Register
  • User configurable activities to support your Integrity Management Plan
  • Planning, execution and tracing of all pipeline integrity management activities

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Simplify data collection with seamless integrations 

Enhance data integration and management with a centralized repository, ensuring easy access for you and all stakeholders. Elevate transparency and collaboration seamlessly within your team and across the entire enterprise. 

  • All pipeline data saved in one central data management system within the pipeline integrity management software
  • Effortlessly integrate third-party, open-source and Esri GIS data to gain a comprehensive integrity picture of your pipeline assets
  • Anomaly data import from multiple sources such as GIS or vendor datasheets 
  • Inspection vendor-neutral – Import mapping simplifies data integration irrespective of vendor format
  • ILI assessment and integration options to ERP and GIS systems 
  • Dynamic visual analysis of pipeline data. Results displayed on Maps, Dashboards, and Data Viewers for easier analysis

Smarter decisions with versatile Integrity Assessment tools 

Utilize advanced data analytics to gain valuable insights that empower you to make data-driven decisions and predict future trends and opportunities. 

  • Open and extendible defect models
  • Built-in ‘What-If’ and ‘compare’ tools to determine the most effective mitigation strategies
  • An intuitive overview of the state of your Inline Inspection activities and possibilities to assess the proper planning of repairs and mitigations
  • Harness advanced engineering analysis such as inline inspections, high and moderate consequence area (HCA/MCA) identification and corrosion management

Demonstrate compliance and continuous improvement 

Synergi Pipeline simplifies compliance with industry standards and codes, so you can stay aligned with industry standards and regulations such as PHMSA effortlessly. 

  • Built-in auditing, versioning and change management
  • Automatic tracking of activity status and compliance dates 
  • Storage of historical data for trending and KPI reporting
  • Regulatory reports  

The choice of utilities worldwide:

Why choose Synergi Pipeline as your Pipeline Integrity Management software?

Synergi Pipeline simplifies compliance with industry standards and codes, so you can stay aligned with industry standards and regulations such as PHMSA effortlessly. 

  1. Integrated planning, execution, and tracing of all activities
  2. Flexible asset data sourcing from an Esri GIS or a non-GIS environment
  3. Improve collaboration and efficiency with a central data management system 
  4. Efficient analysis of large data volumes
  5. Demonstrate compliance with regulations and industry recommended practices and standards
  6. Mature and audit proven risk models
  7. Advanced off-the-shelf analysis tools and models
  8. Open analytic module to create desired models
  9. Dynamic visual analysis and comparison of pipeline data
  10.  Technical integrity experts to help with all stages of the integrity management process

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Learn more about Integrity Management with Synergi Pipeline

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Enhance Pipeline Risk Management with Synergi Pipeline