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Maximize pipeline performance. Ensure compliance. Minimize risk. Reduce costs.

Synergi Pipeline software seamlessly combines the powers of advanced data connectivity with DNV's technical expertise to provide comprehensive pipeline integrity and risk management. The enterprise solution delivers actionable insights for confident decision-making, empowering risk and integrity engineers to ensure safety, compliance, efficiency, and sustainability in pipeline operations always.

With models and solutions to support different assets across the enterprise, Synergi Pipeline offers a tailored approach that aligns with your requirements. Powered by an open modelling engine, it offers unmatched flexibility to meet your business needs, industry trends and regulatory requirements, leaving no room for compromise.

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Synergi Pipeline

Next-generation pipeline integrity and risk management software to improve asset performance and safety

Power up your asset lifecycle management with Synergi Pipeline

Streamline risk and integrity management with our integrated web-based platform

  • A user-friendly, enterprise tool that is flexible to grow with your needs
  • Integrates pipeline operations, repairs, maintenance activities, inspections, threats, consequences, and other critical data
  • See the big picture. Prioritise, plan and schedule activities across the enterprise
  • Harness data from multiple sources and analysis results to drive better-informed decisions
  • Gain insights from across the enterprise. Focus on the right data at the right time

Synergi Pipeline for risk overview
An enterprise platform for all your risk and integrity needs

Take control of your asset management 

With the ability to create and edit models, run assessments, and manage data, you are in full control to ensure your pipeline systems are always operating reliably. 

  • Make informed choices with up-to-date data, running assessments on demand as your data changes
  • Change tracking and auditing helps to simplify Management of Change (MOC) 
  • View actionable analytics, interactive dashboards, and GIS-based maps for better decision-making, improving operational efficiency and enriching capital investment planning
 Synergi Pipeline for asset management
Bird’s eye view of asset risk and integrity status with Synergi Pipeline

Break down data silos with advanced data connectivity 

Synergi Pipeline integrates multiple data sources (e.g., ERP, GIS, and inspection data) within a single repository, so you have complete visibility into your pipeline operations. 

  • Drill down to critical data, isolate risk drivers, and take informed steps to improve efficiency, optimise resources, reduce risks, and ensure compliance with our powerful visualization tools
  • Easily identify the exposures and impacts of actions, decisions, and emerging risks
  • Understand the impacts of data quality on results
Synergi Pipeline for data silo breakdown
Visualise multiple data sources together with Synergi Pipeline Data Viewer

Security you can count on 

DNV is committed to delivering the highest standards of security and experience for our customers. Ensuring the highest level of data security, Synergi Pipeline is SOC 2 Type 2 certified. The certification attests that DNV has implemented best-in-class practices in line with security, availability, design, confidentiality, and privacy.

Providing the highest level of security for our existing and future customers
The choice of utilities worldwide:
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Our pipeline operators base important management decisions on the information that Synergi Pipeline provides. Everyone in the pipeline integrity team gets clearly designated tasks and responsibilities from the system. Synergi Pipeline is also transparent and easily auditable.
Ricardo Bruno Nebias Andrade,
  • PIMS System Project Manager
  • Samarco Mineracao

Frequently asked questions

Is Synergi Pipeline cloud-based or on-premise?


Both! Synergi Pipeline can be deployed as either a cloud-based SaaS solution hosted by DNV or as an On-premises installation on customer infrastructure. In either of these cases, if ESRI GIS integration is desired, the GIS server can be located on customer servers or hosted in the cloud.

You can view a detailed comparison of the two implementation modes here.

What are the technical requirements to run Synergi Pipeline?


The technical requirements will vary depending on the choice of a SaaS or On-Premises installation. In the case of a SaaS deployment, no customer hardware or software is required other than an approved web browser such as Chrome or Edge with internet access. DNV will be hosting the environment in MS Azure. 

Customers choosing an on-premises deployment will require an MS Windows-based application server (either physical or virtual), an MS SQL Server database instance, and (optionally), a supported version of ESRI ArcGIS server if GIS integration is required.

Does Synergi Pipeline integrate with other third-party data sources?


Synergi Pipeline supports Esri ArcGIS as the master data source, where data is exposed to Synergi Pipeline through a published map service. Alternatively, the software supports data imported from tabular spreadsheets and via REST API integration. 

Synergi Pipeline leverages this data to perform the required analytics to maintain the integrity of the pipeline or distribution system. The map service architecture also provides a major benefit in allowing Synergi Pipeline to be data model neutral and less sensitive to the Esri software versions.

Do we need different software for transmission pipelines and distribution networks?


Synergi Pipeline supports assets across all segments, whether gathering, transmission, distribution or offshore. The solution can be licensed to support all your enterprise assets from the same platform, to make it more efficient for users and a better return on investment for the utility.

Does Synergi Pipeline use UPDM or PODS?


Synergi Pipeline can support the use of either of these industry-standard data models or custom models. The flexible product configuration allows users to map to the data structure of choice.

Why choose Pipeline Integrity & Risk Management from DNV?

DNV has been the technical advisor to the pipeline industry for more than 100 years and extends this expertise to developing best-in-class software and services such as risk assessment, MAOP verification, failure investigation and evaluation of risk and integrity management procedures. We support customers in all stages of the integrity lifecycle, from assessing the pipeline's risk to managing and analysing inspection data to planning mitigation actions.

Pipeline networks are becoming increasingly complex and interconnected, amplifying the need for transparency, security, flexibility, and zero tolerance for failure. Our engineers designed Synergi Pipeline to meet this demand, offering a unique combination of versatility and robustness. The software weaves together a wide range of functionality, ensuring it meets all your risk and integrity needs.  

Have you considered our network modelling and pipeline simulation software?

Plan, design, and operate complex pipeline networks with ease.

Unlock the full potential of your pipelines with Synergi Pipeline

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