Data consulting services

We help you to get a better understanding of how data can support you in achieving your business goals. Taking a holistic approach through the lenses of people, process and technology, our experts will help your organization to assess your data maturity, define clear goals and provide strategic guidance on how to meet those goals. 

Assess your current data maturity level

Assessing your current data maturity level is a vital step to determine your organization's baseline and define steps to improve. Maturity assessments help build trust by using a common language while creating a framework for prioritized improvement actions.

Access the complimentary data management maturity self-assessment to get a short version of the full maturity assessment here.

Example of data maturity assessment:

Data management - maturity assessment

The assessment for data maturity is part of the framework described in detail in our Data quality assessment framework DNV-RP-0497 and can be combined with data quality and data risk assessments.

Based on your needs, our team of digital experts help you:

  • Measure your organization’s current state of capabilities 
  • Identify issues and risk
  • Establish a target level

Establish and improve your data strategy and governance

When you have your goals in place, we help you identifying the people, processes and technology needed to meet them. This includes prioritizing initiatives, developing a roadmap and establishing clear data governance aligned with your business goals to accelerate your digital transformation.

Our data experts help customers access, create and manage data in a way that will enable new business value and manage future risks. This enables organizations to adapt and improve their capabilities, ultimately achieving increased value from their data assets.

Monitor data quality on a continuous basis

Combined with strong data governance in place, our data quality dashboard will help you to ensure high data quality over time. With our data quality dashboard, you can verify data quality on a continuous basis in an efficient way so you can trust the data to make decisions fast. Moreover, the dashboard will help you to visualize potential data quality issues and prioritize improvement measures in an efficient way.  The dashboard contains four visual elements:

  1. Data quality index (DQI) as a key performance indicator (KPI), e.g. for last month
  2. DQI trending over time
  3. Number of passed rules
  4. Drill-down to specific data records 

Our data quality monitoring service is based on DNV’s industry-reviewed and tested Data Quality Assessment Framework, which incorporates base practice from the ISO 8000 global standard for data quality, and the DAMA data management model.

Develop your data management skills

To get value from your data, you need to have a basic understanding of how to manage data efficiently and have clear objectives of what you want to achieve. Join our data management course to learn how to handle data, create value and avoid data quality issues.

Our data management course is designed for people who create/capture/analyse data, data stewards, data owners, data architects, IT management, business data owners, chief data officers and master data responsibles.

Learn more and request training here.


DNV combines a proven track record of assuring physical assets for major players in complex and asset heavy industries with extensive digital domain expertise demonstrated through our recommended practices. Working with an independent partner who knows both your industry and digital technologies will provide you with a fresh perspective, ensuring that you get measurable gains from your digital investments.

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