DNV participates in EU research project InterQ aiming for ‘zero defect’ manufacturing

DNV will bring in expertise on assurance of data quality to the EUR 11 million project to enable safe and efficient manufacturing.

Data as a valuable asset to optimize efficiency and quality of industrial processes

A key challenge in industrial manufacturing is to achieve full control of the quality of processes and equipment. Currently, a large volume of data is generated and stored by manufacturers, but without adequate processing and management technologies, it is not possible to produce accurate, reliable, secure and relevant information to optimize efficiency and quality of industrial processes.

To help take on this challenge, DNV has joined the InterQ European project, where 25 partners from 11 countries are focusing on strategic economic sectors, such as aeronautics, energy and the automotive industry. Top companies such as Renault, Gamesa Energy Transmission (Siemens) and ITP can be found among the partners. The Norwegian participants are DNV and the research institute SINTEF. The initiative has a budget of €11 million, 9 of which will be financed by the EU through the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. DNV’s budget for the project, which lasts until 2023, is EUR 325 000. 

The project, led by the research centre IDEKO, is focused on the development of a digital platform for the generation and integrated management of data from CNC manufacturing machines. The digital platform will allow product and process quality to be ensured with the aim of optimizing the ‘zero-defect manufacturing paradigm’. The ambition is that these solutions eventually will be used by manufacturing industries, including manufacturing of wind turbines.

DNV’s role in the project

“DNV’s involvement in this project includes applying our existing knowledge of data quality from other sectors to a new field, enabling the manufacturing industry to improve safety and efficiency" says  Karl John Pedersen, Project Manager, DNV. 

With the aim of providing more focus on the importance of data quality in manufacturing, DNV will apply data quality methodologies to this industry. This includes assurance of data quality and data cleansing of machine tool data, the establishment of data quality requirements and the enabling of overall visualization of data quality results. DNV will also disseminate the data quality work into the ISO 8000 data quality standard.

Our expertise is based on several years of working with data quality in a wide range of industries, helping customers ensure that their data are fit for use. The foundation of this work is grounded in the DNV Recommended Practice for Assurance of data quality management.


  • Customer name: InterQ
  • Website: interq-project.eu
  • Market: Manufacturing
  • Service: Data quality assurance

This is why we chose DNV:

  • Expertise on data quality 
  • Structured framework for data quality in the recommended practice
  • Experience working with complex industries

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