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Sensor system assurance - Enabling trust in data collection infrastructures

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Sensor system assurance provides a risk-based approach to establish trust in systems that collect, store and relay data from instruments and other operational technology (OT).

Sensor system assurance: building, operating and maintaining sensor systems

Companies in many industries are seeking to acquire ever more complex and elaborate systems for data collection from sensors, instruments and other operational technology. How can you trust decisions informed by data from your sensor systems? Enterprises considering new sensor systems need evidence that they are built according to best practice, will meet business needs, are fit for purpose, limit exposure to liability and that decisions are based on unbiased information. Sensor system assurance can reduce the risks in your organization.

Assurance and risk assessment service for sensor systems

The sensor system assurance and risk assessment service covers all technical and organizational aspects of a sensor system, including systems in planning and development phases and those already in use. Aspects of high risk are identified, along with possible mitigating actions. We help you with a framework that eases communication about the sensor system’s risk to all stakeholders – a framework that provides in-depth discussion of the foundations of sensor system quality. Through inspection of documentation and data, workshops and questionnaires, the service delivers:

  • A detailed register of the sensor system risk items and mitigating actions
  • Feedback to your sensor system project or operations team from DNV’s subject domain experts
  • Trust and assurance that the sensor system will deliver the expected results

Assurance of sensor systems, recommended practice 

With the assessment framework offered through the recommended practice (RP) DNVGL-RP-0317, stakeholders obtain a better understanding of how sensor systems can be assured. Through an evaluation of the both the technical risks of the sensor system as well as the organizational risks in data management, this recommended practice allows you to identify and manage problem areas, increasing the probability that the sensor system delivers high quality data with consistency. The RP provides sound guidance for sensor system assurance:

  • Technical design qualities and failure modes
  • Organizational maturity with respect to key data management capabilities
  • Overall risk evaluation approach

DNV has extensive experience in the relevant industries, in working with sensor systems and in identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks. 

Our framework can help you scrutinize sensor system design, the quality processes, and the interplay between different engineering disciplines, even if you lack the domain knowledge. With organized claims and documentation, you can assess the implications of using the sensor system for the intended purposes.

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