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Offshore wind design - from layout to fatigue

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Discover how DNV software tools, Sesam, Bladed, and WindFarmer, are used to design an offshore wind farm's layout and substructures.

Watch our workshop where our experts share how DNV software tools, Sesam, Bladed, and WindFarmer, are used to design an offshore wind farm's layout and substructures (fixed or floating). They also demonstrate how to use Bladed for analyzing the turbine interactions and wind farm energy output and use individual field outputs from Bladed in Sesam to design the substructure to meet design code requirements.

Workshop highlights:

  • Offshore Substructure Design – Using Sesam
  • Offshore Turbine Analysis – Using Bladed
  • Field Layout and expected field power generation- Using WindFarmer
  • Developments for WindFarmer in offshore wind

Key takeaways

  • Learn how Sesam is used in the design of fixed and floating offshore wind substructures
  • Learn how to apply Blade’s wind turbine analysis capabilities together with Sesam for improved support structure design
  • Learn about the benefits of using wind turbine concept models in early phase design and R&D

Day 1

Our experts demonstrate Sesam's capabilities for floating offshore wind. After a quick overview of Sesam's modeling capabilities, an industry practice workflow for floating offshore wind support structures is shared, using the strengths in Sesam.

  • Introduction
  • Sesam for floating offshore turbines

Day 2

The capabilities of Bladed for floating offshore wind is discussed and demonstrated in detail. This demonstration includes a detailed walk-through of the tool, along with a discussion of the results and also how to export those results to Wasim for further analysis.

  • Bladed Offshore Wind demo
  • Walk-through of Bladed and discussion of required inputs
  • Turbine and controls
  • Discussion of concept wind turbine models
  • The model and outputs
  • Transfer of results to Sesam/Wasim

Day 3

Our last workshop is focused on our WindFarmer software.  This tool is used for both onshore and offshore field layouts and optimization. This demonstration explains the importance of Windfarmer and how can it be used for an offshore project for field evaluation. The second half of the workshop is a discussion about around development efforts with WindFarmer.

  • Use of Windfarmer for field layout and optimization of turbine placements
  • Calculation of Expected Field Power Generation
  • Development efforts in offshore wind