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Enterprise Asset Risk Management at DTE

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Watch the recording to gain insights into Enterprise Risk Management and understand why DTE decided to implement Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) across their asset portfolio.

DTE Energy is a diversified energy company involved in developing and managing energy-related businesses and services across the US. Its operating units include an electric utility serving 2.2 million customers in Southeastern Michigan and a natural gas utility serving 1.3 million customers in Michigan.

DTE is in the midst of implementing an Enterprise Risk Management system and partnered with DNV to implement a PRA program for DIMP (Distribution Integrity Management,) TIMP (Transmission Integrity Management), and Underground Storage assets. DTE will be deploying Synergi Pipeline in a Cloud environment to enable greater access to information for all stakeholders. 

In this webinar, Brett Beaver (DNV), Tony Alfano (DNV), and Peter Rusche (DTE) discuss:

  • What is Enterprise Risk Management? What are the recommendations? 
  • Evaluating how your risk management process stacks up
  • What is Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA), and what can PRA do for you?
  • How does PRA fit within Enterprise Risk Management?
  • DTE's implementation of Enterprise Asset Risk Management (EARM)
    -     Drivers towards Enterprise Asset Risk Management
    -     Why DTE decided to implement PRA across their asset portfolio
    -     The benefits DTE will realize when the project is complete