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How to develop an integrity plan and monitor your risk and integrity activities

For underground storage wells

Using Synergi Pipeline as your underground storage risk analysis platform helps you increase your effectiveness while complying with the new regulations.

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Natural gas storage operators have consistently provided safe and reliable natural gas storage. Because of the critical importance storage plays in the nation’s energy portfolio, natural gas storage operators are continually searching for new equipment, processes, and methodologies to improve safety and reliability. With new and stricter PHMSA regulatory requirements recently released, organizations today are seeking solutions that will help them comply with these new regulations. Many need a reliable and safe way to assess the risk on their underground storage and be able to easily report on compliance activities. In preparation for this, DNV GL has been working to configure the draft version of the JITF (Joint Industry Task Force) storage risk model in our risk and integrity solution, Synergi Pipeline, which has been a long term industry leader in assessing risk on distribution, transmission and gathering assets. In this webinar we will demonstrate the progress of that development and the capabilities of Synergi Pipeline as they relate to risk and integrity management. By watching this video, you will gain a better understanding of:
  • How the risk model was configured and the ability to “tweak” the model as required by your requirements
  • The ability to connect to the various data sources required for the risk model
  • Spatially reviewing the risk and integrity results in a GIS display
  • How to develop an integrity plan and monitor activities as they relate to risk and integrity
  • Warehouse key documentation as they relate to the integrity plan
  • Perform “what if” scenarios enabling the evaluation of ROI for mitigation activities