Watch the video - Gas Gathering Modeling with Synergi Gas – Multiphase Flow

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Increase production, decrease operating costs and improve asset performance by modeling your full gathering network in one tool, Synergi Gas.

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Understand the behavior of liquids in your network with greater detail, by using new and better multiphase functionality in Synergi Gas.

Built with gas gathering systems in mind, Synergi Gas’ Multiphase module is a separately licensed module for steady-state hydraulic simulations of multiphasic systems. This includes simultaneous calculations for natural gas, hydrocarbon liquids and water. The latest version of Synergi Gas hydraulic modeling software contains some new major developments for modeling Multiphase flow. These include supporting three-phase flow in multiphase models, defining Cn+ properties in a gas stream, modeling liquid routing, plugged pipes, gravitational dampening, and more.

By attending this webinar, you will gain a better understanding of: 

  • Multiphase calculation basics
  • Fluid network types and flow regimes
  • Modeling the facilities used to split or join fluid networks
  • Identifying areas of risk in your network for liquid holdup
  • Multiphase charting and reporting capabilities