Wind farm O&M cost approximation model

The Operations & Maintenance Cost Approximation Model (OMCAM) provides wind farm developers, owners, and operators with a year over year projection of O&M costs up to 30 years.

Whether financing, repowering, or evaluating a service strategy, wind farm stakeholders need a clear picture of future operations and maintenance (O&M) costs to support critical decisions. O&M cost forecasting is essential in all phases of a wind farm’s lifespan from annual budgeting to evaluating a new project or even repowering an old one. However, Turbine O&M costs can be highly variable and are often subject to considerable debate during both routine and long-term strategic decision making.

Tailored to your assets
To address this issue, DNV’s probabilistic O&M cost approximation model (OMCAM) provides a rigorous methodology for cost projection coupled with our deep understanding of the many factors that influence O&M costs. OMCAM forecasts O&M costs considering a wide range of project-specific factors including turbine model, site-conditions, project location, and maintenance strategy, enabling the uncertainties to be quantified and baseline assumptions to be appropriately set.

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Decision making with confidence
Based on inputs collected from the stakeholders, DNV develops the cost model and provides the results in an interactive and dynamic PowerBI display through our Veracity Adapter for PowerBI service. Stakeholders may then use the results to support their strategic decision making with confidence knowing that the cost projections reflect DNV’s latest knowledge of component cost information, trends, and technological advances in the industry.

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