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Operations planning (O2M) for offshore wind farms

Draw on our proven expertise, experience and tools to explore all suitable O&M scenarios and find the right strategy for your offshore wind farm.

When offshore wind farm project planning begins, operations and maintenance (O&M) are so far into the future that they are often not given enough consideration. Yet operating expenses can make up 30-40% of the overall cost of energy. Hence early planning of O&M strategies and identification of suitable O&M infrastructure, such as ports and offshore bases for technicians, can make a huge difference to a project’s economic viability.

DNV can help you with every aspect of the O&M planning process:
  • Our experts work with you to identify your individual requirements and the status of your current planning
  • We will use our unique, in-house numerical model to explore your options
  • You'll receive a comprehensive planning report and tool that lets you easily identify the right strategies for your site.

Whole-farm modelling
The heart of this service is our powerful O2M model which considers the whole wind farm. This includes the wind turbines and all associated balance of plant (BoP) infrastructure such as offshore transformers, sub-station and cables. The model draws on comprehensive databases of component failure rates and direct time to repair failures built up over many years from purchased and publicly available information. Together with stochastic wind turbine failures, this allows us to determine the overall project availability and O&M costs.

The right O&M strategy for you
Developed since 2005, our O2M tool is the only tool in the industry capable of modelling entire wind farms, anywhere in the world. We combine this with extensive expertise and experience in all areas of offshore wind to provide you with various O&M scenarios and approaches to ensure you get the right strategy for your needs.

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