Wind farm control and grid integration

Interdisciplinary support helps you optimize your wind farm design and operation for the ideal balance of energy production, loading and provision of grid ancillary services.

Optimal wind farm operation requires a deep understanding of turbine wake interactions, as well as of the turbines themselves and the wind flows which drive them. Sophisticated control strategies can lead to increased revenue, as well as reduced operation and maintenance costs and longer plant lifetimes.

Integrating renewable energy sources into the grid is a complex, interdisciplinary task, and as renewable energy becomes more common, it’s a task that is quickly becoming a big part of the energy agenda. Effective grid integration can help ensure a reliable electricity supply while reducing the cost of energy and maximizing the contribution of renewables.

To help you achieve all this, DNV offers an extensive portfolio of grid integration and wind farm control services. Through these services, you can draw on our unrivalled breadth and depth of experience to unlock the complexity and ensure smooth integration and optimal utilization of your assets.

Tailored to your needs 
We can help you via a multidisciplinary service that adapts to your needs – whether you are:

  • A wind turbine manufacturer looking for wind turbine control enhancements to provide grid ancillary services, such as frequency response.
  • A wind farm operator or turbine supplier wanting to manage turbine loading caused by wake effects.
  • An owner/operator trying to optimize your wind farm design and operation to maximize energy production and revenue from provision of grid ancillary services, minimize fatigue loading and maintenance costs, and extend plant lifetime.
  • A grid operator aiming to take advantage of ancillary services provided by renewable generators, such as:
    •  Controlling maximum power output or ramp rates.
    •  Provision of spinning reserve or delta control.
    •  Frequency response for short-term power balancing.
    •  Voltage support for distribution networks.

You can benefit from a tailored service to meet your needs. They include: 

  • Detailed wind turbine controller modifications to support wind farm control objectives and provision of ancillary services.
  • Control algorithm design and testing involving wind farm flow and wake modelling.
  • Reports on high level possibilities.
  • Detailed implementation of controllers at the turbine or wind farm.
  • Simulation studies.
  • Field testing.

World-class expertise here to help you
We’ve been active in grid integration and wind farm control since the industry started. This gives us decades of experience in areas ranging from high-level understanding of renewable energy resources and technology through to detailed knowledge of design, implementation and testing of wind, solar and marine technologies, electrical systems and grids, and atmospheric flows. Available globally, our integration and wind farm control service portfolio lets you access all this interdisciplinary know-how under one roof.

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