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Cost of energy modelling for offshore wind farms

Cost of energy modelling by DNV analyses your offshore wind farm variables, helping you understand component effects and reduce cost of energy.

To reduce the cost of energy from offshore wind farms, you have to consider a lot of variables. All kinds of factors – from turbine placement and cable dimensions to your maintenance strategy – impact the levelized cost of energy (LCoE). This makes cost management a very complex and time-consuming process. Modelling is the only way to establish a realistic base line cost for the project, and can be used for screening project feasibility and due diligence.

Don’t wait, with our rapid modelling service
Our cost of energy modelling service provides you with an excellent way to understand your offshore wind farm’s cost implications. Based on our robust LCoE tool, the service generates 600 parameters in a matter of seconds, defining everything from electrical losses to energy yield.

This service offers you a quick and efficient way to:

  • Explore the ramifications of various operational and maintenance strategies
  • Compare concepts for foundations, voltage levels, transport, etc
  • Determine which parameters have the most impact on your costs
  • Identify cost reduction opportunities
  • Consider capital expenditure

Through seeing the bigger picture with a full understanding of the many variables involved and their cost implications, we take you through the various iterations to reach LCoE.

Global reach, personal service
Our in-depth technical expertise has been enhanced and expanded by working on multiple projects around the world. Coupled with this are some incredible resources, including models based on experience and costing tools that allow us to go into depth in specific areas. We have also developed our own cost database containing lots of project data and public information. This provides a basis to calculate unit costs and feeds into your LCoE.

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