Whipping and springing analysis

We support you in ensuring your ship is of the highest integrity and operability, helping to reduce costs and increase safety.

The impact of whipping and springing on vessels is continuously being researched – leading to new developments and changing solutions. So who can you count on to know which measures make sense and ensure compliance?

Whipping and springing is becoming an increasingly serious issue, particularly due to ever-larger ship sizes. That is why we are deeply involved in relevant research and are at the forefront of its international development for the maritime industry.

Our active participation in joint development projects, together with other experts, puts us in a position to provide you with the latest analysis and solutions for counteracting the effects of whipping and springing.

Our own cutting-edge tools and methods, based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), enable us to offer direct calculations. These accurate hydrodynamic results can then be used as a prerequisite for further structural analysis or noise and vibration analysis.

Our expert interpretation forms the ideal basis for determining the hydroelastic response of your ship’s structure, particularly for whipping caused by slamming.

Reduce the costs of ship maintenance with DNV on your side:

  • Know that you have a highly reliable vessel
  • Help counteract the effects of whipping and springing to reduce fatigue and thus future maintenance costs
  • Have confidence in our accurate analyses based on data from industry-leading, advanced tools