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Stability advisory services

For modifications to any ship or MOU, we offer an effective solution with expert, accurate advice and proof of compliance.

Vessels undergo modifications or they change trade over time. At the same time, certain authorities require compliance with specific regulations. You need a reliable partner who knows what’s needed and how to get it.

That’s why you need DNV. We offer the entire spectrum of stability services for both newbuildings and in-service vessels or floating units.

Ship and MOU intact and damage stability

Our expert use of NAPA models gives accurate results on which you can base important decisions. We can provide feasibility studies and prepare all the necessary stability calculations and documents needed for a conversion, draft increase, change of trade or other operational changes.

GAP analysis

Get a clear and detailed report to help you identify new rules and requirements that need to be complied with whenever there is a change of rule regime.

Stability troubleshooting and damage investigation

Be prepared for any challenge, especially after a collision or grounding. Our huge knowledge base supports investigations and gives you valuable information for taking precautions related to stability issues.

Ballast water management plans

DNV can support you in the preparation of ballast water management plans, whether your vessel is equipped with treatment plants or uses a ballast water exchange sequence.

We know what you need – let us support you:

  • Benefit from our extensive NAPA database and close contact with class approval experts
  • We can support the concept phase of your newbuilding to optimise the design from the beginning and avoid costly modifications in the future
  • Our holistic approach reviews all possibilities and helps you choose the option that is best for you
  • Get the precise documentation you need – hassle-free from a single source
  • We show proof of compliancy with the relevant rules and regulations