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Wave and tidal testing and demonstration

Wave and tidal testing and demonstration

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Benjamin Child

Benjamin Child

Team Lead, Loads Aero & Control

Get the most out of Testing and demonstration for your wave or tidal energy device to keep development on track and build investor confidence.

Testing and demonstration are key factors in bringing effective wave and tidal energy devices to market in a timely and cost-efficient manner. They help you ensure your development is on the right track and builds investors’ confidence in the capabilities of your devices. Hence they allow you to minimize risk right from the earliest stages. However, testing and demonstration of wave and tidal devices requires dedicated expertise and resources covering a wide range of disciplines.

You can find all the support you need for effecting Testing and demonstration at DNV. A highly experienced partner, we help you get the maximum value for money from tank tests and sea trials – drawing on industry best practices to move quickly and smoothly to commercialization of your device.

Scale-model (tank) test support
Testing scale models in tanks allows you to mitigate risks and spot any problems with your design at the earliest stage. Our goal is to help you learn as much as possible about your device in the shortest timeframe. You can call on us for advice on choosing the right test facilities and designing the model, the test programme and the testing environment. We can also help you analyse data and interpret results.

Key services here include:

  • Model specification and scaling advice 
  • Test programme development
  • On-site test support
  • Data analysis
  • Facility specification and reviews

Prototype test (sea trials) support
Once you have a full-scale or small-scale prototype, it needs testing at sea to learn how it performs in real-life conditions. Our project management expertise will help maximize the value of sea trials; enabling ongoing machine learning which facilitates future device developments and to ensure that suitable data is gathered to confirm performance/survivability necessary to attract investment.

We can also help to ensure that the data gathered is analysed and presented in a suitable way. In addition, we can:

  • Develop measurement specifications
  • Design test protocols
  • Provide independent verification of test results

Device installation services
Installing prototypes and demonstration devices requires wide-ranging specialist knowledge of marine operations including topics such as vessels, health and safety, and marine warranty. We bring all that expertise together into one place for you, providing the same professional Project management for Testing and demonstration as we do for full-scale marine energy farms. Applying knowledge from across the industry, we take a holistic approach to your project that helps ensure it runs as smoothly as possible.

Contact us:

Benjamin Child

Benjamin Child

Team Lead, Loads Aero & Control

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