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Wave and tidal design support

Invaluable assistance in designing wave and tidal energy machines to ensure your design meets energy production, robustness and survivability requirements.

Machine performance is a major consideration when designing wave and tidal energy machines. But so are robustness and survivability. Meeting all these requirements demands a great deal of analysis and expertise. DNV is the trusted and independent expert in Design support services for the marine renewables industry.

Design support for every occasion
You might need high level Design support covering the complete machine in the environment. Or a focused study on one aspect of the design, such as stress assessment for a particular component or wave loading in an extreme sea. Whatever your requirements, our design services for wave and tidal energy machines are at your disposal.

We examine your device design and perform the calculations necessary to help you progress towards commercial realization. Supporting you through all stages of device and technology development, our range of services includes:

  • Concept review
  • Concept development and optimization
  • Detailed performance and loads modelling
  • Structural assessment
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Power take-off/Drivetrain
  • Moorings
  • Control solutions

Design and modelling tools
Given our reputation and experience, it’s no wonder our bespoke design tools – Tidal Bladed and WaveDyn – are the industry’s leading tools of their kind.

Global dedication
We work across multiple energy disciplines and have extensive experience in designing machines for offshore environments. Our dedicated marine team has been in action since 2005. Operating all over the world, our wave and tidal specialists have worked closely with customers to complete over 170 wave and tidal projects to date.

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