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Smart renewables

Integrating energy technologies for a sustainable, reliable utility future

Renewable energy technologies are poised for substantial growth as smart grid technologies and innovations in energy storage take hold. DNV is working with leading utilities and industry stakeholders to automate and connect generation, renewables and energy storage across the T&D system—finding the right regulatory, environmental and financial balance.

New, smart energy technologies mean new opportunities for the utility future. And the importance of integrating these technologies grows as carbon control and environmental policies and standards come increasingly into play.

Insight, expertise on renewables grid interconnection – the “mid-grid” focus
Transmitting and distributing direct energy supply from renewables—such as solar and wind—when and where needed in the grid is a real challenge. Through our client engagements, it is clear that the renewables integration focus is shifting to the “mid-grid”—where renewable generation meets medium voltage apparatus in a new, smart distribution system.

As penetration of renewables increases, DNV is working with utilities and independent system operators to address the new grid challenges that come with integrating intermittent and distributed generation resources into the current electric power system.

We have been a leader in renewable energy and smart grid consulting for more than a decade. Our “smart renewables” strategy, planning and integration solutions leverage smart grid technologies, innovative energy storage applications, and diverse generation sources to optimize and balance the power system in a sustainable long-term business environment.

Energy storage as smart renewables integration solution
In working with storage technology vendors and new innovations in storage around the world, it has become obvious that we need to rethink how the grid works.

Today’s power systems need to make room for more renewable energy—distributed and centralized. When it comes to renewables integration, smart grid plus energy storage holds promise as an industry game-changer.

DNV is among the first entities to evaluate and test storage technologies and applications that integrate renewable generation, while enhancing grid reliability and operations. We understand that smart, sustainable change requires a holistic view of the grid system and of how energy technologies work together. And we’ve written the industry’s first comprehensive guidebook on wide-scale applications of energy storage.

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