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Sea-keeping analysis

Thanks to our specialised tools and streamlined processes, you have accurate sea-keeping data for your ship in any environment.

Compliance for your offshore service vessel is a must, but its ability to carry out operations in various conditions is vital for both safety and efficiency. Who can tell you which analyses make sense for your vessel?

DNV is your ideal partner for all your sea-keeping analysis needs. We offer the full spectrum of services centred on wave-induced motions, including risk evaluation, which can be booked together or separately for validation purposes.

Ship motions, including ship accelerations, and workability

We analyse the motion characteristics of any ship, typically focusing on operability. Examples include crane accelerations, sea-sickness and workability limits, maximum roll angles and more.

Anti-rolling tank evaluation

This service is particularly relevant for offshore service vessels. We can both evaluate the effect of a suggested tank design and provide expert advice on design improvements.

Parametric rolling and non-linear roll response

Our advanced, tailor-made simulation tools enable us to efficiently predict parametric rolling and other non-linear roll effects. We then advise you on how to avoid excessive rolling, or suggest design changes.

Multi-body analysis, such as side-by-side operations

Our specialised tools facilitate accurate modelling and simulation of multi-body hydrodynamic interaction. We focus on environmental loading due to wind, waves and current to enable e smart decisions to be made during operation.

Faster processes, less hassle – your benefits of working with DNV:

  • Ensure the maximum operability of your ship or offshore service vessel – with less downtime for improved profitability
  • A customised spectrum of analysis services at a high level ensures you have the ideal solution at the lowest possible cost
  • Hassle-free, streamlined processes from a single source
  • An expert background in evaluating hydrodynamic loads and responses for results you can count on
  • Our results also serve as the ideal prerequisite for further analysis services or validation