Process hazard analysis software - Phast

Phast is the most comprehensive process hazard analysis software system for process safety management in all stages of design and operation

Process hazard analysis software

Phast process hazard analysis software examines the progress of a potential incident from the initial release to far-field dispersion analysis including modelling of pool spreading and evaporation, and flammable and toxic effects. It is the world's most comprehensive process hazard analysis software system.

Process safety management software

  • Phast is the industry standard process hazard analysis tool for the analysis of flammable, fire, explosion and toxic hazards, used by over 800 organizations globally
  • The process safety management software incorporates groundbreaking model development research work conducted with process industry partners
  • Phast process hazard analysis software has been continuously developed by experts for over 30 years
  • Worldwide technical support and training is available for improved process safety management

Industry standard process hazard analysis tool

In order to meet your risk management goals, you need a robust understanding of the hazards posed by a process facility. Use the Phast process hazard analysis tool to quickly and accurately assess the threat potentials posed by a diverse range of hazard types.

Key benefits of Phast software for process hazard analysis

  • Trustworthy process hazard analysis results - integrated models are constantly validated and verified
  • Extensive reporting capability - comprehensive reports and charts for easy, intuitive display of results, for example on location maps and process plant layout diagrams
  • Wide applicability of the process hazard analysis tool - various release types and sources can be modelled, e.g. from leaks, pipework, pipelines, ruptures, relief devices, vessel ruptures and more
  • Assess diverse hazards - assess a wide range of flammable and toxic hazards for process safety management
  • Extensively validated models - Phast provides a comprehensive suite of extensively validated models for analysis of process industry hazards
  • User-friendly software for process hazard analysis - predefined linking of discharge, dispersion, pool, flammable and toxic effect calculations for ease of use

Leasing options

Short, medium and long-term leases are available as well as perpetual licences. Please contact us for more details.

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